Golden Gate 2.0.8

Golden Gate 2.0.8 is here!






ORCA/C 2.2.0

After 6 years of development, 7 betas, 1,153 commits1, and hundreds of bug fixes, ORCA C 2.2.0 is now available.

Stephen Heumann gave an overview of the update in his A24EVR presentation.

  1. Including libraries and the linker. 

ORCA/C 2.2.0 B7

ORCA/C 2.2.0 B7 is now available!

This ORCA/C update contains various enhancements and bug fixes. Additions since ORCA/C 2.2.0 B6 include:

  • Support for new language features from C99 and C11
    • Designated initializers
    • Anonymous structures and unions
    • _Pragma preprocessing operator
    • __STDC_VERSION__ macro
    • C99-compliant inline semantics (but no actual inlining)
    • C11-compliant _Thread_local specifier (but no multithreading)
  • Other compiler features
    • C standard selection, including strict conformance modes
    • Debugging option to detect illegal use of null pointers
    • Lint check for unused variables
    • Lint check for implicit conversions that change constant values
    • Small improvements to compiler performance and generated code
  • New library features
    • Optional support for time zone handling using the Time Tool
    • timespec_get function
    • erf, erfc, fma, and tgamma math functions
  • Auto-segmenting linker
  • Various bugs fixed

ORCA/C 2.2.0 B7 supports nearly all the features required by C17, apart from wide character support and some floating-point library features.

For installation instructions, see the readme. For details on what has changed, see the release notes.

This is an update package designed to be installed on top of an existing copy of ORCA/C 2.1 or later. Note that the disk image must be treated as a hard drive image or high-density floppy image. If you need to use an 800KB floppy, place the SHK file on it instead of using the disk image.

Also: An updated ORCALib for GNO/ME 2.0.6.

This is an updated version of the ORCALib library suitable for use with GNO 2.0.6. This contains the same updates as the standard ORCALib distributed with ORCA/C 2.2.0 B7, except that under GNO certain portions of the C standard library (such as <stdio.h>) are not included in ORCALib because they are implemented by GNO’s libc. For more information about this GNO version of ORCALib, see the readme.

You should only use this if you are using ORCA/C under GNO. The standard version of ORCALib suitable for use under the ORCA shell is included with the ORCA/C 2.2.0 B7 release.

Golden Gate 2.0.7

Golden Gate 2.0.7 is here!




Golden Gate 2.0.6

Golden Gate 2.0.6 is here!

Updates include SANE improvements, resource manager write support, and a universal (x64/arm64) version for MacOS.