Golden Gate 2.0.2

Golden Gate 2.0.2 is here!

This is a minor update that adds debugger tab completion to the Win32 build.

Golden Gate Debugger Video

Here’s a small demontration of the Golden Gate debugger. I found a bug in the ORCA MakeLib utility and used the debugger to, well, debug it.

I’ve also used the Golden Gate debugger to debug problems with the ORCA/Pascal compiler. Specifically, bugs generating the symbol tables that the debugger uses. Yes, that got confusing.

ORCA/Pascal Source Code on GitHub

The Byte Works has generously put the source code for ORCA/Pascal, DumpObj, and MakeLib on GitHub.

The source code was previously only available on the Opus ][: The Source CD.

Golden Gate 2.0.1

Golden Gate 2.0.1 is here!

This is a minor update to address a couple oversights in 2.0:

Golden Gate 2.0

Golden Gate 2.0 is here!

Notable changes: