Opus Extractor

One of the auxiliary utilities included with Golden Gate is opus-extractor.

opus-extractor is a simple utility to extract the ORCA compilers, utilities, libraries, headers, et cetera from an Opus ][ disk image to your computer for use with Golden Gate. It also works with other disk images; the original idea was you might have ORCA installed on one of your disk images and could extract components from there.

One unanticipated use is installing ORCA/C updates, since they also follow the standard ORCA layout.

opus-extractor --verbose --source=/ ORCAC.220B3.2mg 

You may need to elevate your privileges with sudo or runas.

(since there are no Shell or Utilities directories on the update disk image, there is a harmless warning that those files were not found).

ORCA/C 2.2.0 B3

ORCA/C 2.2.0 B3 is now available!

This ORCA/C update contains various enhancements from community members. Changes include:

  • Numerous bugs fixed
  • Several C99 language features supported, including mixed statements and declarations
  • Partial support for the new C99 features in printf() and scanf()
  • New lint checks to catch errors in printf()/scanf() format strings
  • For installation instructions, see the readme. For details on what has changed, see the release notes.

This is an update package designed to be installed on top of an existing copy of ORCA/C 2.1 or later.

Also included is an updated ORCA/Linker with improved support for case-sensitive file systems.

Golden Gate 2.0.3

Golden Gate 2.0.3 is here!

This fixes a few Win32 specific issues, a SANE bug that could case strtod to fail, and adds some Resource Manager calls needed for my slightly late KFest HackFest entry, rlint.




Golden Gate 2.0.2

Golden Gate 2.0.2 is here!

This is a minor update that adds debugger tab completion to the Win32 build.

Golden Gate Debugger Video

Here’s a small demonstration of the Golden Gate debugger. I found a bug in the ORCA MakeLib utility and used the debugger to, well, debug it.

I’ve also used the Golden Gate debugger to debug problems with the ORCA/Pascal compiler. Specifically, bugs generating the symbol tables that the debugger uses. Yes, that got confusing.